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Based in Frederick County, Miscellaneous Metals serves the commercial blasting and finishing needs of businesses and industrial fabricators in and around central Maryland and the Washington, DC metro area. Our enclosed 16′ x 24′ blasting room will accommodate many different size needs and also enables us to immediately complete the painting process before oxidation. The following are just some of the blasting and finishing services we offer local businesses:

  • Blasting with all types of media, including:
    • steel grit
    • garnet
    • glass bead
    • walnut shells
  • Profiles & Finishes
    • up to SSPC 6 (commercial blast cleaning)
  • Crane & Forklift Service
    • Ease of loading and unloading
  • Variety of spray applied primers for customers to choose
  • Uniform blasting

We can sandblast a variety of objects and machinery including:

  • Structural steel, including posts, framework, signs & beams
  • Industrial equipment, such as machinery & accessories
  • Car & truck frames, bodies, wheels, etc.
  • Pipes & fittings, including – pipelines, valves, bends & adapters



We offer a range of protective primers and coatings.

  • Primers
  • Powder coating


If your business in the mid-Atlantic region is in need of blasting and finishing services, look no further than Miscellaneous Metals! Based in Frederick, MD, we offer a convenient location so our DC and Baltimore area customers don’t have to pay for expensive shipping! Contact us today!


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