Many projects that we work on include steel framing and support for canopies. A common design is to leave our support steel exposed, and then install glass and aluminum panels as the final finish. Other canopy designs cover our support steel completely with stone, stucco, and other exterior finish systems.


Our unique canopies and entryways for buildings can offer versatility and functionality – no matter the design of your building in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC. At Miscellaneous Metals, our canopies can be ordered either at or below eave. The structural beam of the canopy is not enclosed within the optional soffit system. Standard projections are 5’ and 10’.


Our custom manufacturers are able to incorporate light gauge steel into the design of your entrance or canopy. This allows Miscellaneous Metals to create individualized solutions for unique architectural features without compromising the design or other structural elements.


If you are located in and around Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC, contact us today to see how we can design a custom solution for your office or corporate structure!


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